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USA | Top 25 RED CARRIER GTPI females - 08/23

August 2023
1Grille Cosmica Captain 1775Captain x Gywer *RC x Apprentice *RCLarcrest Cosmopolitan303910041,61Grille Holsteins (ES)
2Koepon Figaro Doma 63 RfGameday x AltaDateline x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence302910192,19Koepon Genetics (NL)
3HONLD000927222994Gameday x AltaDateline x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29869981,22Koepon Genetics (NL)
4Swissgen Holysmokes-E LuxoryHolysmokes x Ronald x Pace-RedSouthland Dellia29849601,23Swiss Owned
5Dg Rifka RCAltaAlanzo x Hawai *RC x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29839951,27Diamond Genetics (NL)
6S.J.K. 0803Captain x Salvo *RC x King RoyalCookiecutter MOM Halo29809961,40Dutch Owned
7Koepon Camden Gracie 1-ETKoepon Camden x Grateful x SonicSAG 01398297910501,79Koepon Genetics (NL)
8HONLD000637128193Figaro x Sputnik *RC x Swingman-RedGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence297610161,36Koepon Genetics (NL)
9Dg Ambree RCLambeau x Solitair P Red x RustyAlumette29719312,03Diamond Genetics (NL)
10Dg MarisolMahomes x Doble *RC x SkywalkerAija Shottle Jenny29689591,69Diamond Genetics (NL)
11ArianeParfect x Spark-Red x Nugget *RCKHW Goldwyn Aiko29617742,64German Owned
12Sloupnice Hermiona 24971Renegade x Rager-Red x AltaTopshotCzech family29609181,52Sloupnice Holsteins (CZE)
13Dg Anastasia RCCaptain x Solitair P Red x RustyAlumette29599721,25Diamond Genetics (NL)
14Florence 230Captain x AltaZarek x DG BrodyNetherside Florence295210001,41UK Owned
15M H Alana 86Parfect x Rubels-Red x Rager-RedM.H. Alana 529517822,90Merwehoeve de Groot (NL)
16Mey 47671Martin x Irvine x Hotspot PGin Sina *RC29499921,34German Owned
17Whc 45118Ridercup x AltaTop-Red x Simplicity P *RCScientific Beauty Rae29458542,63German Owned
18Koepon Gameday Range 146 RfGameday x AltaAltuve x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29448991,74Koepon Genetics (NL)
19Dg SulaCaptain x Ronald x Apprentice *RCSnowbiz Sympatico Sofia29439711,08Diamond Genetics (NL)
20R Jasmijn 6Ranger-Red x Copyright x RedrockPeassens Jezebel29428682,22Rijnhof Holsteins (NL)
21HONLD000608426828Figaro x Skiresort x ShimmerScientific Debutante Rae29419342,02Koepon Genetics (NL)
223star PetronellaRover x Riveting x Salvatore *RCBomaz Lancelot 341029398761,73STAR Genetics (NL)
23Koepon Gameday Range 120 RfGameday x Swingman Red x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29379511,75Koepon Genetics (NL)
243star Oh MagnioRanger-Red x Riveting x SuperheroGolden-N-Oaks S Marbella29369891,36De Oosterhof Holsteins & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
25ArdiabellRidercup x Rubels-Red x Salvatore *RCKHW Goldwyn Aiko293410181,51German Owned


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