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18 avril 2024 An amazing chance sells this week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale with Female Stantons Chief (+2.08 PTAT / +9 Conf.) embryos from a great cornerstone cow: Gen Bibian VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr. Haniko daughter Bibian VG-86-NL 2yr. is still the #3 PTAT Cow (>2 Years) in Europe at +4.16 PTAT and is straight out of Undenied daughter Gen Brylo VG-86-DE VG-89-MS 2yr., from Col DG Brylin VG-86-DE VG-87-MS 2yr. Brylin is a Crush daughter, dam to Col Kingmaster (s. King Doc) @ Synetics at +3.04 PTAT and +12 Conformation and sister to the TYPE sires: Col DG CRUSHTIME and Oh-River-Syc CRUSHABULL! Gen Bibian VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr. is highly productive and produced in in 1st lactation 15.373kgM with 4.2%Fat and +3.5% Protein. Continue reading..   En Lire Plus

17 avril 2024 The Udder Champion & Senior Champion R&W Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt '18 and Reserve Intermediate Champion R&W Dairy Fair Mariënwaerdt '17: KOE Fabiola-Red EX-90-NL EX-91-MS 4yr. her promising Rager-Red grand daughter is pictured. Batouwe Rager Fabiola is classified with VG-88-NL 2yr. with VG-87 for her Mammary System and VG-89 for her Frame and Dairy Strength! Her dam is a Jotani daughter straight out of KOE Fabiola Red EX-90-NL and goes back on KOE Fabiola EX-92-DE (s. Caveman). This Caveman daughter was 2nd at the European Show in Bruxelles and is the dam to longevity sire Laurel-Red (s. Lay Out), which delivered various 100.000kgM cows in Holland and Europe. Click further for the picture.   En Lire Plus

17 avril 2024 Veelhorst DG Casino is the most used bull in Germany with almost 30.000 inseminations in 2022-2023! He is bred by Diamond Genetics & De Veelhorst and sold to VOST in Germany. He is the former #1 RZG bull in the breed, has a Bookem-free pedigree, sired by DG Charley from a Mardi Gras x Planet x Snowman (Broeks Betty). He has in his index 7353 daughters and guarantees huge production traits (DE 04/24: +1630 Milk / positive components / RZM 150), >111 RZE, high fitness traits and an excellent udder health (RZS 116). We find also in this top 10 with most used bulls in Germany DG OH Topstone with 12.950 inseminations! DG OH Topstone is the #1 B&W RZG daughter proven sire at +145 RZG (04/24), has 6701 daughters in his German index and notes +1586kgM with positive components, +114 RZE and +143 RZM. Continue reading..   En Lire Plus

16 avril 2024 Selling this week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale are interesting Female Siemers Wolf Hulu *RC (+2900 GTPI / +3.75 PTAT / +11 Conf.) embryos out of Budjon SHA Appaloosa. She is a +4.27 PTAT & +11 Conf. with +11 Mammary System Peak Jagger (not available in Europe) daughter straight from the classwinner Milking Yearlings World Dairy Expo 2019: Budjon-Vail Solmn Apache EX-95-USA (s. Solomon). Appaloosa is maternal sister to Budjon-Vail Delta-Lambda Andover VG-89-USA 2yr., she was Reserve Intermediate Champion Midwest Spring 2023. Her dam, Apache EX-95-USA is straight out of Budjon-Vail ABS Angelique *RC VG-89-USA EX-MS 2yr. (MAX) from Milksource Goldwyn Africa EX-95-USA 2E, she was Grand Champion WI Championship Show 2015, Grand Champion Wisconsin Championship Show 2012 & 2014 and more! A great family going back on the 19 STAR brood cow: Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96! Continue reading...   En Lire Plus

16 avril 2024 Share DG DH Pearl EX-91-NL EX-91-MS, owned by Dick & Rosita van Deelen, recently won the Senior Champion title at the Avondbloesemshow 2024! Pearl EX-91-NL produced already >100.000kgM and is the first Powerball P daughter in the Netherlands classified with EX-91-NL with EX-91 for her Frame, EX-91 for her Mammary System and EX-90 Feet&Legs. She is from a VG-86-NL 2yr. old POLLED Shotglass daughter followed by Butlerview Colt Pixie *RC P EX-91-USA (s. Colt P Red), the dam to Butlerview AltaIllini P @Alta out of Massey daughter Richmond-FD Pompey EX-91-USA. Share DG DH Pearl EX-91-NL is dam to Share Pearl 435 (s. Radio), she became at the Avondbloesemshow 2024 Miss Betuwe 2024!  Continue reading...   En Lire Plus

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