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22 septembre 2023 Tomorrow at the Willsbro Sale 2023 will sell a super group of 2yr. olds and cows!! Only the very best is selling. Take your chance tomorrow at the Willsbro Sale 2023 and bid last on one of these great cows. This sale offers the very best heifers, fresh cows and embryos from the great families of Galys-Vray, Harvue Roy Frosty, Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang, Savage-Leigh Licorice, Windy-Knoll-View Promis, Kamps-Hollow Altitude, Tri-Day Ashlyn, Lylehaven Lila Z, Glendridge Citation Roxy, Krull-Broker Elegance and many more populair families. Click further to see the pictures.   En Lire Plus

22 septembre 2023 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale opened for bidding a couple minutes ago. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example Female Hulu *RC (+2911 GTPI / +3.91 PTAT) embryos out of Tessa-Vray, the great granddaughter to Ashlyn-Vray EX-96-ES, Female Dropbox embryos from the fancy Delta-Lambda dtr straight out of the classwinner at the European Show Libramont '19, FEMALE Chew P (+3020 GTPI / +1.40 PTAT) embryos out of Broeklander HiPo A2P2 Eline Pp, Female Stgen Redlea *RC (+3067 GTPI / +1067 NM$) embryos out of Showtime *RC dtr BWN Maartje *RC, Trooper (+3070 GTPI / +999 NM$) embryos from DG Sika VG-86-NL, the dam to DG Space at +3132 GTPI, Cookiecutter Harrisenna embryos (+2927 GTPI) from the #4 GTPI Twitch daughter in Europe and many 'herdbuilding packages' starting at just 175 EUR / embryo. Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

21 septembre 2023 Wilt Bailay keeps winning titles! This time she could be admired during the UK Dairy Days 2023 last wednesday in the United Kingdom. She is bred by GAEC Wilt and sold to Blyth Farms. Last year, she became Reserve Grand Champion at the UK Dairy Day 2022, this year she became 1st in her class with 5yr. old cows and is again crowned as Reserve Grand Champion of the show! In June 2023 was the Royal Highland Show taking place whereby Wilt Bailay her class won with 3rd calvers. She is a gorgeous Eagel *RC daughter, classified with EX-93-UK EX-94-MS. Her dam is Wilt Brasilia VG-89-LUX EX-92-MS, she is a Jacot daughter and goes back on the Suez daughter Bunte EX-94-DE - National Senior Champion DHV Schau 2003 and All-German 2008 for Mox Holsteins. Click further to read more.   En Lire Plus

21 septembre 2023 The dream of many breeders, a cow that succeeds in the barn, in the show ring and backed by a big-time pedigree! NH Destiny-Red EX-92-DE 3E is one of those cows that puts this whole package together. Recently is NH Destiny-Red pictured by Guillaume Moy Photographies at 6 weeks fresh in her 6th lactation and has a day production of >60kgM! She became in 2017 at the RUW show 2nd in her class and became Reserve Intermediate Champion BZT-Show 2017. She is a fancy Sympatico *RC daughter out of Milksource D Devils-Red EX-90-USA, a Destry *RC daughter out of Budjon-Nitzi Destiny-Red EX-94-USA. This EX-94 Advent-Red daughter was Unanimous All-American 4yr. old 2011, H.M. Senior Champion International R&W Show 2011 and many more. Destiny EX-94-USA is out of the Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2005, the Reserve All-American 125,000lbs and more: Budjon Redmarker Desire *RC EX-96-USA! Click further to read more.   En Lire Plus

19 septembre 2023 Only 4 days left before one of the greatest sales in the United Kingdom is taking place: Willsbro Sale 2023. This sale offers the very best heifers, fresh cows and embryos from the great families of Galys-Vray, Harvue Roy Frosty, Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang, Savage-Leigh Licorice and much more! Willsbro Holsteins sells as Lot 226, a very complete Cookiecutter Holysmokes daughter from the Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94-CAN cow family at +3016 GTPI in combination with +2.12 PTAT and +899 NM$! She is the highest GTPI female selling this sale, but also the #6 gLPI female at +3646 gLPI and the #2 gPLI female at +690 gPLI selling in this sale. Her dam is recently pictured and looks very promising, her name is Willsbro Tropic Lila Z 547, calved at 1.09 years and is already classified with VG-85-UK 2yr. Click further to read more.   En Lire Plus

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