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USA - Top 25 Luster P dtrs in Europe 04/23

April 2023
1Dg DiedeLuster P x Charl x JediLadys-Manor Ruby D Shawn30228942,071,901,26Diamond Genetics (NL)
2Dgf Briana PLuster P x Imax x SilverBaviere29568252,672,291,83Drakkar Holsteins / Diamond Genetics France (FR)
3Dgf BeltranLuster P x Imax x SilverBaviere29208132,282,121,43Drakkar Holsteins / Diamond Genetics France (FR)
4Dg JohannaLuster P x Batman x Delta-LambdaPH Alice29158322,001,531,31Diamond Genetics (NL)
5Dg Laura PLuster P x Batman x Delta-LambdaPH Alice29048382,011,541,15Diamond Genetics (NL)
6Dg Laurietje PLuster P x Batman x Delta-LambdaPH Alice28908022,422,051,00Diamond Genetics (NL)
7Pepite PLuster P x Gatedancer x RubiconBomaz Marathon Pizz 224828768691,902,240,36France Owned
8Dg LaurinLuster P x Batman x Delta-LambdaPH Alice28637292,791,871,37Diamond Genetics (NL)
9Dg LaurienLuster P x Batman x Delta-LambdaPH Alice28567552,411,811,07Diamond Genetics (NL)
10Dgf BaronessLuster P x Imax x SilverBaviere28537003,142,541,67Drakkar Holsteins / Diamond Genetics France (FR)
11HOESP060605434495Luster P x BasicSpanish family28468481,731,631,02Spanish Owned
12Willsbro Luster CosmopolitanLuster P x Excalibur x RedrockLarcrest Cosmopolitan28456523,122,281,76Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
13Claynook Luster Cynar Sg PLuster P x AltaSpring x BomberoRegancrest Chassity28336882,932,821,65Swiss Owned
14RapsodieLuster P x Helix x PresidentKHW Goldwyn Aiko28306702,461,220,40France Owned
15Eba UltimaLuster P x Dylan x SullivanEBA Netty28226822,942,451,37EBA Holsteins (FR)
16Dg AnandaLuster P x Tropic x Delta-LambdaPH Alice28207382,151,540,78Diamond Genetics (NL)
17Rota Luster Bea PLuster P x Renegade x GomesRota Gomes Belly28207261,851,711,45Italian Owned
181419Luster P x Pursuit x AbelAnderstrup MOM Carine28178261,851,521,23Norway Owned
19Valentine 11Luster P x Rubicon x RacerBVK Outside Diana28118381,601,561,04Fam. Nouws (NL)
20Heidenskipster Luster Signa PLuster P x Discjockey x ModestyMorningview Converse Judy28027201,861,600,77Heidenskipster Holsteins (NL)
21Dg Aelwen PLuster P x Aristocrat x DynastyApplouis Jet Stream Alda28017542,251,861,27Diamond Genetics (NL)
22Rookhaye Luster Olga 4 PLuster P x Eureka x SilverUK family28006762,572,001,08UK Owned
23PavassLuster P x Helix x PresidentKHW Goldwyn Aiko27996662,531,460,96France Owned
24Dgf BLaiseLuster P x Imax x SilverBaviere27836862,362,041,30Drakkar Holsteins / Diamond Genetics France (FR)


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