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USA | Top 25 RED CARRIER GTPI females - 04/23

April 2023
1Grille Cosmica Captain 1775Captain x Gywer *RC x Apprentice *RCLarcrest Cosmopolitan305410141,62Grille Holsteins (ES)
2S.J.K. 0803Captain x Salvo *RC x King RoyalCookiecutter MOM Halo30009971,49Dutch Owned
3Dg Rifka RCAltaAlanzo x Hawai *RC x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence299410161,24Diamond Genetics (NL)
4Koepon Camden Gracie 1-ETKoepon Camden x Grateful x SonicSAH 01398298610571,81Koepon Genetics (NL)
5Dg Anastasia RCCaptain x Solitair P Red x RustyAlumette29849921,35Diamond Genetics (NL)
6R Jasmijn 6Ranger-Red x Copyright x RedrockPeassens Jezebel29759022,28Rijnhof Holsteins (NL)
7Dg Ambree RCLambeau x Solitair P Red x RustyAlumette29739352,07Diamond Genetics (NL)
8ArianeParfect x Spark Red x Nugget *RCKHW Goldwyn Aiko29637862,68German Owned
93star Oh MagnioRanger-Red x Riveting x SuperheroPen-Col Superhero Mistral296210151,38De Oosterhof Holsteins & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
10Dg SulaCaptain x Ronald x Apprentice *RCSnowbiz Sympatico Sofia29559751,18Diamond Genetics (NL)
11Dg MarisolMahomes x Doble *RC x SkywalkerAija Shottle Jenny29559501,64Diamond Genetics (NL)
12Dg Ambition RCCaptain x Solitair P Red x RustyAlumette29539940,98Diamond Genetics (NL)
13Bg Ranger M Carlin A ETRanger-Red x Monument P x HurricaneGlamour Carlin29509221,94UK Owned
14Whc 45118Ridercup x AltaTop-Red x Simplicity P *RCC Hanoverhill Tony Rae29508522,60WHC Holsteins (DE)
15Dg Amaya RCMahomes x Solitair P Red x ArgoDe Oosterhof DG Rubellia29469891,50Diamond Genetics (NL)
16HONLD000927222994Gameday x AltaDateline x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29469651,20Koepon Genetics (NL)
17Wilder 02623Monteverdi x Charl x SalvatoreWilder K25 Red29448462,23Wilder Holsteins (DE)
18Dg SaharaCaptain x Ronald x Apprentice *RCSnowbiz Sympatico Sofia29419471,10Diamond Genetics (NL)
19Koepon Parfect Range 113rfParfect x Mark x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29388372,12Koepon Genetics (NL)
20Dg AstoundedCaptain x Ronald x ArgoDe Oosterhof DG Rubellia29349511,53Diamond Genetics (NL)
21Alpview Ranger HaloRanger-Red x Bundle x BourbonCookiecutter MOM Halo29339562,01Alpview genetics (CH)
22Dellarossa 233Upside x AltaZarek x DynastyDellarossa Dynasty Baylor29309870,61Italian Owned
23Captain MayCaptain x Manana-Red x GerwynRora Boss May292810231,07UK Owned
24Koepon Magni Range 167 RfAltaMagnifique x AltaAltuve x Salvatore *RCGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence29278481,63Koepon Genetics (NL)
25Dg DaleyzaBrave x Charl x AltaTopshotGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence292510960,19Diamond Genetics (NL)


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