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USA | Top 25 NM$ females - 05/23

May 2023
1HOGBR582891120400Allied x AltaZazzle x CrimsonGlamour Carlin311912270.89Denovo UK
2GO FARM MYRTLE ETHolysmokes x AltaZazzle x MedleySeagull-Bay Oman Mirror323812081.45Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
3HOGBR160131631377AltaLumify x Captain x CrimsonGlamour Carlin316012081.13UK Owned
4CRISTELLA VANDRA ETAster x AltaZazzle x PursuitArt-Acres Kay 721303711820.51Cristella Holsteins (IT)
5HOESP080816392862Lionel x AltaSoHot x JedoSpanish family29631174-0.59Spanish Owned
6ENCANTO PARFECT 904Parfect x Captain x RubiconGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence318911731.54Encanto Holsteins (PRT)
7COGENT ALANZO ALICE 2AltaAlanzo x Captain x CrimsonGlamour Carlin309611591.05Cogent UK
8HOGBR582891719580Maxwell P x Circus x CrimsonRUW Neblina311611581.57UK Owned
9HOGBR100751205202Allied x Circus x CrimsonRUW Neblina307511401.12UK Owned
10LA WESSON FRANKIE ETWesson x Luster P x DeltaWesswood-HC Rudy Missy304811301.13Czech Owned
11HOGBR430903400634Hercules x Entity x AchieverGlamour Carlin28671115-0.04UK Owned
12HOGBR582891620426AltaRegulus x Heroic x SkywalkerGlamour Carlin307611011.73UK Owned
13MILKMEN 3544507356Holysmokes x Arrowhead x PizazzMarcsa306410981.38Milkmen (HU)
14HOGBR160131231443Captain x Sahab x Delta-WorthLarcrest Cosmopolitan295810980.50UK Owned
15CHORUSIC CAPTAIN DELICIOUS 4Captain x Rubicon x High NoonMiss Ocd Robst Delicious299810951.06Chorusic Holsteins (ZCE)
16COGENT B LUMIFY PEGGYAltaLumify x Captain x CrimsonGlamour Carlin307310921.29Cogent UK
17HOGBR582891620391Allied x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Callidora301010910.72Denovo UK
18GO FARM MEGAN ETHolysmokes x AltaZazzle x MedleySeagull-Bay Oman Mirror312510841.53Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
19HOHUN003503208177Peak Zooty x AltaPlinko x PositiveSeagull-Bay Oman Mirror301210840.76Hungarian Owned
20BG CAPTAIN SASS CARLIN A ETCaptain x Sassafras x VeronaGlamour Carlin304710831.33UK Owned
21COGENT ALANZO ALICEAltaAlanzo x Captain x CrimsonGlamour Carlin307510691.48Cogent UK
22LA WESSON FIONA ETWesson x Luster P x DeltaWesswood-HC Rudy Missy300310680.88Czech Owned
23HOESP030605479960Captain x Alphabet x FlagshipSpanish family297010680.93Spanish Owned
24HOESP000816392822Upside x AltaSoHot x MontrossSpanish family27981068-0.59Spanish Owned
25HOGBR582891519578Indeed x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Callidora302610651.81Denovo UK


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