SPACE 2023 in the books for GAEC Toullec!

Paisley Feunteun Sané was in great shape last week at the SPACE 2023 in Rennes, France and is crowned as Grand Champion! In the finals she beats the extraordinary NH DG Aschley VG-88-FR 3yr. owned by GAEC Toullec and bred by Diamond Genetics and Nosbisch Holsteins. First Aschley VG-88-FR 3yr. won the Udder and Senior Champion ribbons before she turned out as the Reserve Grand Champion of the Holstein show! The Reserve Champion Senior title was for Aschley VG-88-FR 3yr. her barnmate: JBToullec Chief Roxe VG-88-FR 3yr., she is sired by Chief and tracing back to Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA! Earlier that day became the 2yr. old Discjockey daughter Rosec Reinelle, co-owned by GAEC Toullec, Earl Petton, J.Le Stanguennec, Q. Serabassa and J.Rey, 1st in her class and became Junior Champion and Junior Udder Champion! Guillaume Moy Photographies has made incredible pictures from the Champions!

Photo credits: Guillaume Moy Photographies ©

Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion: Paisley Feunteun Sané​ (s. Stantons Chief)

Senior Champion, Udder Champion & Res. Grand Champion: NH DG Aschley VG-88-FR 3yr. (s. King Doc)


Res. Senior Champion: JBToullec Chief Roxe VG-88-FR 3yr. (s. Stantons Chief)

1st in her class: JBToullec Odina (s. Army *RC)

2nd in her class: LB Danica Red VG-86-FR 2yr. (s. Altitude-Red)

Jr. Champion and Jr. Udder Champion SPACE 2023: Rosec Reinelle (s. Discjockey)

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