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Online Embryo Sale OPEN for bidding

March 22, 2024 A new edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale is OPEN for BIDDING. Log-in and take a view in the exciting offering with embryos from the hottest sires and greatest families right now! Selling are Female Hulu *RC (+2901 GTPI / +3.85 PTAT / +12 Conf.) embryos out of Milksource Sadie *RC, she is the Tatoo sister to Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN, Female Stantons Chief embryo out of the #4 PTAT cow (>2 Years) in Europe at +4.15 PTAT and dam to one of the highest Conformation sires at +15 Conf.: Gen Bibian VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., Brown Heaven R Famous embryos from the grand daughter to the 6x Grand Champion World Dairy Expo legend: Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA and many 'herdbuilding packages' starting at just 150 EUR / embryo. Click further to see the online catalogue.   Read More

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VG-87 2yr. / +3.42 PTAT / +11 Conf. Lambda from Shakira's sister

March 21, 2024 A very unique offering in the Online Easter Heifer Sale next week! Selling as Lot 12 is Friendship Genetics Sasha VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr.! She is fresh, recently classified and sired by Delta-Lambda out of Milksource LB TS Shakira *RC VG-85-FR 2yr. She is a Thunder Storm daughter and maternal sister to the Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair '21 & '23, Grand Champion World Dairy Expo '21 & '23: Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN 3E. Dam to Shakira is the Grand Champion Midwest National R&W Spring Show 2019, 2nd 125,000lb Production Cow WDE 2019 and more: Miss Apple Snapple EX-96-USA! Friendship Genetics Sasha VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. still notes +3.42 PTAT with +2.73 UDC and +11 Conformation with +13 Feet&Legs! Keep an eye on Eurogenes soon for a video of Sasha and other auction animals. Click further to see the picture.   Read More

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EG members had a successfull FDV wintershow Beilen 2024

March 21, 2024 The FDV Wintershow was held in Beilen, Drenthe last weekend. The new Grand Champion and Senior Champion of the show is Chelios daughter: Geertje 598 exhibited by Glind Holsteins VOF! The Honorable Mention Senior title went to Solomon daughter New Moore Solomon from New Moore Holsteins. Her herdmate New Moore Tedbu463 (s. Tedbull) was Reserve Champion R&W. New Moore Side Maria 510 (s. Sidekick) became 2nd in the first class with 2yr. olds and won the ribbon for Best Udder of the class. The title of Reserve Jr. Champion went to Bh Applecrisp Jose 1 exhibited by Bosma Holsteins. The Jr. Honorable Mention Champion was for Giessen Maxima 12 (s. Mooi P *RC). Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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Catalogue EASTER HEIFER SALE Online!

March 19, 2024 The catalog of the Easter Heifer Sale is ONLINE now! This sale offers the very best with (grand)dtrs and familymembers from the WORLD's elite Holstein cows are selling like: Blondin Unstopabull Maple EX-94-USA, Jacobs Gold Liann EX-94-CAN, Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN, top INDEX heifers, Jersey's, Brown Swiss' and many more!! Don't miss this sale which start March the 29th at 04.00 p.m. (Dutch time) till April the 5th at 09.00 p.m. (Dutch time). Click further to view the complete catalogue.   Read More

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Wilder Holsteins sells at Sunrise Sale!

March 18, 2024 Wilder Holsteins consigned their greatest index heifers for the Sunrise Sale in Karow, Germany March the 22th 2024. Wilder Holsteins has entered 2 heifers >158 RZG for the sale. Selling as Lot 27 is the #1 AltaKevlow in Europe at +3090 GTPI and the #1 RZG AltaKevlow at +165 RZG out of Progenesis Plinko Krista (s. AltaPlinko) from the Art-Acres Kay VG-87-USA family. Another great lot selling from Wilder Holsteins is Lot 29. Wilder Kasa. She is a Picard daughter at +158 RZG and hugh milkproduction traits: +159 RZM, +0.65%F and +0.20%P. She is from 7 generations VG or Excellent dams and is from one of the most influential cow families in Europe, the Wilder K family! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Tequila-Red EX-96 offspring wins again for Roubos Holsteins!

March 18, 2024 RH Unstopabull Tantrum Red has won her class again at the recent held fokveedag Putten, she won also the Junior Championship. She is a Unstopabull daughter straight out of the Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2014 & 2015, Unanimous All-American R&W 4yr. old Cow 2015 and more: Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96-USA! Even more successes for Roubos Holsteins this day with R&B AM Maryam Red VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. The fresh in her 2nd lactation Amaretto-Red daughter from ViG My Love-Red VG-88-NL (s. Redneck-Red) became 1st in her class, Intermediate Champion R&W, Udder Champion R&W and Reserve Grand Champion R&W. Continue reading..   Read More

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FINAL DAY - Online Embryo Sale - BID NOW!

March 15, 2024 It are the FINAL HOURS of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale which closes tonight at 9:00 p.m. (CEST). Your chance to place your final bids NOW! Log on now and view the exciting offerings available including: Female Dropbox embryos out of Miss Lambda Footloose, the Delta-Lambda daughter straight from Oakfield Solmn Footloose EX-97-USA, Female Victorious embryos out of the the EX-92 great granddaughter to Veronica EX-97-USA%, Peak Axford (+3179 GTPI / +1194 NM$) embryos out of HET Cmax Gaelle (+2973 GTPI / +984 NM$), Siemers Wolf Hulu *RC (+2901 GTPI / +3.85 PTAT / +12 Conf.) embryos out of DG Peony, a Lambeau daughter at +2954 GTPI, Real Syn (#1 RZG Sire at +171 RZG / +399 gNVI / +3056 GTPI) embryos out of DG Padda and and many 'herdbuilding packages' starting at just 150 EUR / embryo. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Great average classification at Broeklander Holsteins: 84,7!!

March 14, 2024 It was a great classification round for Broeklander Holsteins last months with an average of 84,7 with 10 B&W scored 2yr. olds! One Jersey 2yr. old, De Oosterhof Cream La Cream scored VG-87-NL 2yr. with VG-88 for her Mammary System! She is a Chrome grand daughter to Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-93-USA, the Queen from the Jersey's! Her herdmate, Broeklander Shakira 6, an early Logistics daughter is classified with VG-88-NL 2yr. with VG-89 for her Mammary System! She is the highest scored Logistics daughter in the Netherlands and from the UFM-Dubs Sheray EX-90-USA family! Also several cows were scored again, like: Montross Deloria. She scored VG-85-NL in her 6th lactation and produced recently >100.000kgM! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Pretty descendant from Goldwyn Emily EX-93

March 14, 2024 Again a great descendant from the GS Alliance Goldwyn Emily EX-93-CH cow family in Switzerland with VK Apple Crisp FWB Esprite VG-89-CH EX-90-MS La3.! She is a promising Apple Crisp daughter out of S Bro Doorman Esprit VG-89-CH EX-92-MS La3. Doorman Esprit VG-89-CH La3. was Reserve Udder Champion Jr. Expo Bulle 2022 and was 3rd in her class at the Swiss Expo 2020. Her dam is GS Alliance Goldwyn Emily EX-93-CH, she was Reserve Grand Champion Expo Bulle 2016, 3rd place Swiss Expo 2016, 1st place Swiss Expo 2014, 1st place Expo Bulle 2014 and is dam to GS Alliance Atwood Elina EX-94-CH 3E, the Reserve Intermediate Champion Swiss Expo 2018! Continue reading..   Read More

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GMS '23 purchase wins Juniorshow VOST Excellent-Schau 2024

March 12, 2024 One of the great German Masters Sale purchases is Gloryland Parfect Locket 2.0 sold through the Nosbisch Dispersal & German Masters Sale 2023 to Anna Hobbie, Sara Hobbie & Wiebke Schütte in Germany. This exciting Parfect daughter is straight out of the successful breeding cow Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket EX-94-USA 2E. Locket EX-94 is a Goldwyn daughter and was Nom. All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2011, 2nd Sr. Calf Atlantic Championship 2010 and 2nd Sr. Yearling Heifer Egmont Bay Expo '11. Locket 2.0 is maternal sister to Walkerbrae Doorman Locket EX-95-USA and is from 8 generations EXCELLENT and Very Good Roxy's. Click further for more info.    Read More

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