New Genomic Conformation bulls up to +18 Conformation!

The new indexes from Canada just came in! The #1 gLPI Genomic Sire this run is T-Spruce Ethan at +3923 gLPI. A shared second spot for Progenesis Punch and Progenesis Peyto at both +3923 gLPI. Topping in the Conformation Genomic ranking are Progenesis Aneesh and Black Silver M5085 at both +18 Conformation! They are followed by Lindt, Leggett, Luxury, Hothouse, Bakul, Black Silver 35080 and Blondin Crossover at +17 Conformation. The #1 Daughter Proven Conformation sire this run is Black Silver Crushabull Stan at +16 Conformation. He is followed by Sidekick, Crown Royal and Golden-Oaks Master at +14 Conformation!


Bulls Canadian indexes December 2023:

Females (Europe) Canadian indexes December 2023:

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