New Eurogenes member: New Moore Holsteins!

A big welcome to new Eurogenes member: New Moore Holsteins from the Netherlands which have beautiful genetics in their portfolio. One of the greatest cows of their herd is New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93-NL! She is a Oman daughter and won as 2yr. old till 10yr. old multiple shows with for example: Senior Champion and Grand Champion National HHH-Show '19 & Zuidwesthoek '19, Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Zuidwesthoek '18, Res. Senior Champion Zuidwesthoek '17, Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion FDV Wintershow Pesse '14 and many more! This extraordinary Oman daughter produced more than >140.000kgM in her life with >11.000kg combined Fat & Protein, an amazing achievement. A few weeks ago she passed away, but she has left many successfull daughters, like: New Moore Succes Esmeralda. She is a 10 months old Vieuxsaule Success daughter and became a few weeks ago Grand Champion heifers at the HHH-Show '22. 

Photo credits:  Han Hopman, Alger Meekma ©

New Moore succes Esmeralda (PEDIGREE)
Success x New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93-NL (s. Oman) x New Moore Esmeralda 29 VG-88-NL 2yr. (s. Goldwyn)

  • The GRAND CHAMPION Heifers at the National HHH-Show '22!!
  • H.M. Heifers Heifershow Luttenberg '22
  • She scores amazing in her Canadian index: +9 Conformation with +8 for her mammary system!
  • Her dam is not a stranger: New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93-NL with EX-96 for her TYPE!

New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93-NL (PEDIGREE)
Oman x New Moore Esmeralda 29 VG-88-NL 2yr. (s. Goldwyn) 

  • She is a real QUEEN!
  • She is a EXCELLENT-93 classified cow with: EX-96 TYPE and EX-94 UDDER!
  • She won multiple titles, like: Senior Champion & Grand Champion HHH-Show '19 & Zuidwesthoek '19
  • Sr. Champion & Grand Champion '18, Res. Champion Zuidwesthoek '17, Int. Champion and Grand
  • Champion Wintershow Pesse '14, H.M. Int. HHH-Show '12 and 2yr. old Champion FDV Pesse '12
  • She has more than >25 directly daughters and they are also successfull at shows!
  • She produced in her life more than >140.000kgM and >11.000kg combined Fat + Protein!

New Moore Esmeralda 72 EX-90-NL (PEDIGREE)
Contrast x New Moore Esmeralda 38 EX-93-NL (s. Oman) x New Moore Esmeralda 29 VG-88-NL 2yr. (s. Goldwyn)

  • EXCELLENT Contrast daughter straight out of the 'QUEEN': New Moore Esmeralda EX-93
  • She is classified with EX-90 with EX-93 for TYPE!
  • She was Res. Champion heifers FDV Wintershow Pesse '16, Res. Intermediate Champion '18
  • and Res. Senior Champion Zuidwesthoek '21

New Moore LP Lizzy (PEDIGREE)
Alleyoop x Nipponia R D Lizabeth EX-96-CAN 3E 7* (s. Dundee) x AlteGen Lee Lena EX-91-CAN 2E 4* (s. Lee)

  • Showy Alleyoop daughter straight out of Lizabeth EX-96-CAN
  • Her dam was the Grand Champion Northumberland '12 & '14: LIZABETH EX-96-USA
  • She has 10 excellent daughters and 14 Very Good daughters in Canada till date!

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New Moore Holsteins
Nijeveense Bovenboer 57
Nijeveen, Netherlands
7948 LE
Phone: +31 638896199
Email: newmooreholsteins@outlook.cc

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