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Hokovit Redflower PP - picture @ 7 months old
(Soccer Ball P x Atwork *RC x Colt 45 P Red)
Homozygote POLLED with +1434 ISET! (12/18)
MS Padawan Africa
(Padawan x Altaspring x MVP)
Early Padawan with +2660 gTPI! (12/18)
COL NH Indy-Red
(Mission P x Durango x O Dakker)
The former #1 R&W RZG Heifer in the breed!!
MS Salvatore Attraction *RC
(Salvatore RC x Penmanship x MVP)
Salvatore RC out of the Gold-N-Oaks Arbell family!
KNS Flicka *RC
(Modesty x Supershot x Numero Uno)
Dam to Hokovit FERTILITY (+168 DGZW!!) (04/19)
Hokovit Sanblack 3
(Santorius x Modesty x Supershot)
Huge INDEX heifer on ISET!!
MHD Numero Uno Fioka *RC *P
(Charl x Modesty x Supershot)
Huge RED CARRIER with +727 NM$ (04/21)
Regan Danhof Casalla
(Timberlake x Guarantee x Jedi)
+2725 GTPI // +892 NM$ Timerblake grand dtr of CASHMERE! (12/19)
Hokovit Charl A Power 2
(Charl x Salvatore *RC x Penmanship)
+2735 GTPI Charl daughter! (04/20)
Gold-N-Oaks Arabell 1765 VG-88-USA DOM
(Gywer *RC x Salvatore *RC x Penmanship)
+1470 IST & 141 IPL Gywer *RC heifer! (12/19)
Grand dam: Hokovit Powerball Powerwind-E *PO GP-83-CH 2yr.
(Riveting x Adagio x Powerball P)
+1591 ISET / +148 IPL Riveting dtr! (12/20)
Hokovit Charl A Power 2
(Einstein x Charl x Salvatore *RC)
Here she is! She is the #33 GTPI Cow (>2 Years) in Europe at +2994 GTPI! (08/23)


Hokovit Destined Sunset-Red
(Destined x Lion King)
3rd place Bulle Expo '15
ALH Hokovit Sunshine *RC VG-88-CH
(Lion King x Shottle)
Sister to Laron P!
Hokovit Powerball Powerwind-E *PO GP-83-CH 2yr.
(Powerball x Windbrook x Goldwyn)
#7 ISET cow in the breed! (12/18)
Moo Goldwyn Diamond EX-93-CH
(Goldwyn x Blitz)
Dam to Hokovit Best!
Hokovitatred GP-CH 2yr.
(Atwork *RC x Colt 45 P Red x Alexander)
Atwork *RC daughter from Brescia!

HOKOVIT GENETICS – potentiated performance

HOKOVIT GENETICS combines the range of most valuable genetics with a feeding that ensures maximum performance on a regular, long-term and efficient basis. That is the key to success in the dairy industry of the future.

The Hokovit Rearing Method - article
The Hokovit Rearing Method - article
DKR Hokovit Sue-Red
DKR Hokovit Sue-Red
Sparling Diamond
Sparling Diamond
Hokovit advertisement HI-November
Hokovit advertisement HI-November
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