Female embryos from the Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH family

Female Blondin Legend (The #3 dtr. proven Conformation sire at +14 Conf.) embryos are selling this week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale from Colas Diamondback Jolie *RC VG-85-FR 2yr. Jolie VG-85-FR 2yr. is a Diamondback *RC daughter out of HH Jordy Jamaika *RC VG-85-FR 2yr. from Castel ZL Jamilia VG-85-DE. She is a Jasper daughter and sister to Riverdane Sid Jolie EX-91-UK, she was successful shown at the European Show in Colmar '16, followed by the 2x SUPREME CHAMPION SWISS EXPO, 2x Grand Champion Expo Bulle and the European Champion of 2010: Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH!

FEMALE Blondin LEGEND x Colas Diamondback Jolie *RC VG-85-FR 2yr.
Diamondback *RC x HH Jordy Jamaika *RC VG-85-FR 2yr. (s. Jordy-Red) x Castel ZL Jamilia VG-85-DE (s. Jasper) x Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH 2E

Dam: HH Jordy Jamaika *RC VG-85-FR 2yr.
Jordy-Red x Castel ZL Jamilia VG-85-DE VG-85-MS x Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH 2E

  • A Red Carrier JORDY-RED grand dtr to the stunning Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH
  • Jordy-Red is the 'Premier Sire' R&W World Dairy Expo 2019
  • Jolie was 2x times Expo Bulle & Swiss Expo Champion!!
  • Unique opportunity to create a RED Jolie!
  • Dam is sister to: Semagen NM Jana EX-90-DE La3, Castel Sid Toxie EX-91-CH & more!
  • Dam is sister to: Riverdane Sid Jolie EX-91-UK - participated @ European Show Colmar '16
  • Jolie is one of the most admired Swiss show cows of all time in Europe!


Sister to dam: HH Jolie 
Jacoby x Castel ZL Jamilia VG-85-DE VG-85-MS x Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH 2E

  • Granddaughter of the Res. All-World Champion 2010 & European Supreme Champion 2010: Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH
  • Maternal sister to HH Jordy Jamaika *RC

3rd dam: Castel James Jolie EX-95-CH
James x Castel Red Marker Gitane VG-89-CH x Castel Mardi Gras Bichette VG-88-SW
2.02 302d 9.639kgM 3.6% 345F 3.2% 310P
3.01 305d 9.743kgM 3.8% 367F 3.6% 348P
4.00 305d 13.037kgM 3.4% 441F 3.3% 433P
6.00 305d 14.384kgM 3.7% 531F 3.4% 490P

  • Res. All-World 2010
  • Supreme European Champion 2010
  • Grand Champion Expo Bulle & Best Udder 2009 & 2011
  • Supreme Champion Swiss Expo & Best Udder 2009 & 2011

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