Dotti Silver Wanda GRAND CHAMPION Montichiari 2021

Dotti Silver Wanda is the new GRAND CHAMPION at the National Holstein Show Montichiari 2021. In class 14 became Wanda first and beats C.M.E. Atwood Genny. The Atwood daughter, owned by Al.Nure and Errera Holsteins, became Reserve Grand Champion that day. Sabbiona Tiky (s. Doorman) was classwinner in the oldest class with cows and Honorable Mention. Junior Champion at the National Holstein Show Montichiari was Muri Diamondback Betta, a Diamondback daughter owned by Muri Holsteins. The beautiful silky black Beemer Corsica became Junior Reserve Champion. Dotti Holsteins had also succes by the young cows, Dotti Doorman Dolly was named Honorable Mention. Dotti Doorman Dolly is a Doorman daughter straight out of the Grand Champion: Dotti Silver Wanda! 

Photo credits: Guillaume Moy Photographies, Claire Swale  ©

Grand Champion: Dotti Silver Wanda
Silver x Stanleycup x Ralstorm

Honorable Mention: Sabbiona Tiky
Doorman x Goldfarm x Mr. Minister

Junior Champion: Muri Diamondback Betta ET
Diamondback x McCutchen x Atwood

Junior Champions from left to right:
Honorable Mention:
  Dotti Doorman Dolly (Doorman x Silver x Stanleycup)
Reserve Champion: Beemer Corsica  (Beemer x Absolute Red Vinchingo R ET x McCutchen) 
Junior Champion: Muri Diamondback Betta ET (Diamondback x McCutchen x Atwood)

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