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CCC 52830

(Boom x Sidekick x Solomon)

She is a real TYPE sensation, the #8 PTAT Calf (<9 Months) at +4.00 PTAT! (04/22)


Canadian Cattle Club
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August 2, 2021

Genomic Result

US 12/22 GTPI +2462 / NM $ 130 / PTAT +3.98 [ Details ]
CA 04/22 Conf. +13


  • Wow! Amazing type sensation sired by Regancrest Boom at +4.00 PTAT! (04/22)
  • She has an amazing pedigree: Boom x Sidekick x Solomon
  • Her dam is Our-Favourite Sidekick Pamela, a Sidekick daughter with +3.57 PTAT! (04/22)
  • She is from the same family as the TYPE sires: Upgrade, Undenied, Capital Gain & Hangtime
  • She traces back to the Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94-USA cow family!
  • She is Switzerland housed!


Our-Favorite Sidekick Pamela GP-83-CH VG-86-MS 2yr.
Fresh - August 10th, 2021
  • +3.57 PTAT / +2.47 UDC / +1.08 FLC - April 2022
  • +15 Conformation!! (04/22)
  • Housed in Switzerland!
Our-Favorite Staying Power VG-87-USA 2yr.
  • 6 offspring testing >3.00 PTAT - August 2021
Walnutlawn SOLOMON
Our-Favorite Voracious VG-87-USA
  • Several sons testing >3.00 PTAT, up to +3.40 PTAT (08/21)

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