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USA | Top 25 NM$ females - 01/23

January 2023
1HOHUN003503206760Peak Zooty x AltaPlinko x PositiveSeagull-Bay Oman Mirror312412260.47Hungarian Owned
2HOGBR582891719426Tennessee x Fynn x SkywalkerGlamour Carlin28521139-0.54UK Owned
3ALFIOR 4834Captain x Miami x FrazzledAlfior O-Man Libertina303011050.87Italian Owned
4ALFIOR 4762Captain x Tampa x RedrockItalian cow family296010820.54Italian Owned
5HOPRT000124629406Captain x Dynamo x DelcoPortugal cow family294010750.51Portugal Owned
6HOHUN003556105908Captain x Guarantee x AfterburnerRichmond-Fd Medowstar Mars294910700.62Hungarian Owned
7HOGBR160131531082Captain x Rubi-Taz x Selfie *RCCogent Knockout Jalna294410700.73Grosvenor Holsteins (UK)
8S.J.K. 7146Captain x Kenobi x GraniteK&L Mabel303510681.61Dutch Owned
9COGENT HANNITY COOKIE 2Hannity x Highjump x AchieverCookiecutter Sshot Honor306810511.95Cogent (UK)
10ALFIOR 4822Captain x Husky x JediAlfior Planet Roviasca295010491.31Italian Owned
11HOGBR582456108799Tennessee x Fynn x Skywalkerglamour Carlin27461048-0.81UK Owned
12HOGBR918513014334Applaud x Dewy x MaydayBoghill Jackson B F Rubette297910430.57UK Owned
13ALFIOR 4816Captain x Riveting x OutsidersAlfior O-Man Libertina292110420.28Italian Owned
14THRILLERRidercup x AltaZazzle x PositiveDeervue-acres Outside Robyn302510381.34France Owned
15HOGBR582891619439AltaMagnifique x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico303210341.56UK Owned
16TOYOTARidercup x AltaZazzle x PositiveDeervue-acres Outside Robyn297410341.24France Owned
17BG CITIZEN E CARLIN A ETCitizen x Entity x PerseusGlamour Carlin294610340.75Boghill & Glamour (UK)
18CRISTELLA TAC ETHolysmokes x Captain x SolutionCristella Iberica304010321.52Cristella Holsteins (IT)
19COGENT HANNITY COOKIEHannity x Highjump x AchieverCookiecutter Sshot Honor299510321.15Cogent (UK)
20CRISTELLA THELMA ETAltaAlanzo x Positive x ImaxDeervue-acres Outside Robyn298610271.45Cristella Holsteins (IT)
21CRISTELLA TIGRI ETEarlybird x Captain x SolutionCristella Loretta294410270.78Cristella Holsteins (IT)
22BG ZAZZLE H CREDIT A 2 ETAltaPlinko x Heroic x ArgoGlamour Carlin294810240.71Boghill & Glamour (UK)
23PINOTTI 253Charl x Jedi x CharleyNeve286610190.50Italian Owned
24ZHW 75997Rainow x Copyright x RedrockMeier Mead Jezebel295410171.28German Owned
25HOCZE000535495953Heir x Helix x FrazzledSloupnice Esther289310170.58Czech Owned


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