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GERMANY - Top 25 R&W RZG females 12/22

December 2022
1JS RELEVATFreestyle-Red x Solitair P x BestdayWhittier-Farms Outside Roz1632690121Masterrind (DE)
2THI 312922Camden x Match P x Rody-RedDe Vrendt RUW Jacky Red1622690122R. Thoenes (DE)
3MBL ARABELSkinner *RC x Gywer *RCGerman cow family1622716117Möller (DE)
4EHS 609893Sputnik *RC x Rubels-Red x Salvatore *RCLakeside Ups Red Range1622692119Biederbick (DE)
5KG HUMMELStar P *RC x Gywer *RC x SixpackHol-Stiens Jazzstar1622536125Colonia Cows (DE)
6MBL ANNAErotic Red x Mr. Salvatore *RCGerman cow family1612591132Möller (DE)
7ALICESkinner *RC x Gywer *RC x GuaranteeGolden-Oaks Arabell1612549129Masterrind (DE)
8KOE 031759Freestyle-Red x Solitair PGerman cow family1612522127Fam. Köster (DE)
9787472Genesis P x Solitair P x GymnastWesswood-HC Rudy Missy1612489131Voss, Groenwohld (DE)
10ILLEYNAFreestyle-Red x Solitair P x JetsetRitters Holsteins Schoneberg I1612466131Biederbick (DE)
11DW KATIEFreestyle-Red x Crown-Red x Salvatore *RCArt-Acres Kay 7211612276140Masterrind (DE)
12MARILYNMONROEGinger x Solitair PGerman cow family1602408135Timmering-Brandl Milch (DE)
13894401Freestyle-Red x Solitair PGerman cow family1602412125Fam. Köster (DE)
14ZFZ CHELSYStar P *RC x Gywer *RC x Salvatore *RCRalma Jurror Faith1602445133Zielenbach (DE)
15JD 762750Money P x Gywer *RC x Mission PWilder Mond1602324142Jäger, Bockendorf (DE)
16ELL LANA PPMatty P *RC x Slate *RCGerman cow family1592647118Ellerbrock (DE)
17WILDER 202526Ranger-Red x Mark x ImaxSanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje1592488125Wilder Holsteins (DE)
18203973Freestyle-Red x Solitair PGerman cow family1592277138Albrecht, Egg a.d. Günz (DE)
19197618Flight Red x Solitair PGerman cow family1592326132Heller (DE)
20SFH SANSIRFreestyle-Red x Solitair PGerman cow family1592498118Seidenfaden GbR (DE)
21DW ECUADOR PPCrespo *Rc x Solitair P x Polo P *RCEleonore1582448128Masterrind (DE)
22ROSA PPStar P *RC x Swingman x RubiconDe Oosterhof DG Rose1582406127Upgang (DE)
23ELSA PPSolerio P x Gywer *RC x Styx-RedSanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje1582389127Reimers (DE)
24MAIGLÖCKCHGinger x Solitair PGerman cow family1582207146Heller (DE)
25104415Stamkos *RC x HawaiGerman cow family1582214143Seidenfaden GbR (DE)


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