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USA | Top 25 PTAT Heifers (>9 Months) - 12/22

December 2022
1COL HELMAHave It All x Raptor x AtwoodDubeau Dundee Hezbollah23104.441.883.07Colonia Cows (DE)
2NOEL-HAH ALLEYOOP POLLYAlleyoop x Sidekick x SolomonOur-Favorite Unlimited21564.351.623.21Czech Holsteins (CH)
3AL.CE HANANS SNOWBIZ ETHanans x Crushtime x PullsarSher-Est S-Wind Saturday25134.342.453.23Italian Owned
4ARRABAL OLIVIA MOOVINMoovin *RC x Doc x ArchrivalButz-Butler Gold Barbara20164.151.832.66Arrabal Holsteins (ES)
5SHG LILLYHaxl x Avalanche *RC x DocWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto24304.081.503.16Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding (DK)
6COL HONOLULUHave It All x Raptor x AtwoodDubeau Dundee Hezbollah22224.081.552.55Colonia Cows (DE)
7PEREIRA PC TSTORM O'KAZENThunder Storm x Crushabull x DiamondbackDecrausaz Iron O'Kalibra19714.061.552.89Pereira Holsteins (IT)
8GRILLE MILIO ANYA 1761 FIV ETMilio x Crushabull x SolomonShottle Anya19844.032.002.78Grille Holsteins (ES)
9RIETHILL VANITYSelect x Artist x JacobyOur-Favorite Unlimited22734.011.392.59Riethill Holsteins (NL)
10GRILLE MILIO ADEN 1760 FIV ETMilio x Crushtime x SolomonShottle Anya18933.991.152.59Grille Holsteins (ES)
11NOEL-HAH BOOM POCKETBoom x Sidekick x SolomonOur-Favorite Unlimited24623.981.712.94Czech Holsteins (CH)
12DG WEIAlleyoop x Doc x SolomonSiemers Solomon Whipcream24683.971.682.53Diamond Genetics (NL)
13EWEMOO LAMBDA APPLEENADelta-Lambda x Undenied x ArchrivalKHW Regiment Apple-Red22493.971.422.88UK Owned
14DG WILMAHappen x Doc x SolomonSiemers Solomon Whipcream24793.961.652.59Diamond Genetics (NL)
15WILLSBRO HAPPEN AMBER 3491Happen x Fitz x AtwoodRiverdane Shottle Amber24373.941.382.97Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
16WILLSBRO HAVE IT ALL ADINA 33Have It All x Rapid x VerifyKHW Goldwyn Aiko28883.931.532.92Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
17HANASVRAYHanans x Thunder Storm x AtwoodNelis-Vray23843.932.122.13De Rith Holsteins (NL)
18CUNDINS ATENAS HANANSHanans x Crushabull x SolomonShottle Anya25473.921.752.83Spanish Owned
19WILLSBRO HAVE IT ALL FREIDA 3Have It All x Undenied x BeemerHPH Shottle Malmo23453.911.612.06Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
20O'KALIHanley x Crushabull x SolomonDecrausaz Iron O'Kalibra22303.871.042.67France Owned
21HOESP011113455100Milio x TatooSpanish family20573.861.312.89Spanish Owned
2229954Alleyoop x Sidekick x DiamondbackLuck-E Advent Atlanta22943.841.272.76German Owned
23WILLSBRO HAVE IT ALL FREIDA 3Have It All x Undenied x BeemerHPH Shottle Malmo25223.831.662.25Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
24MOOS 208Hanans x Thunder Storm x BrendanMoos 19423683.831.672.42Melkveehouderij Honigh (NL)
25JBT CHERRYMilio x Doc x MilleniumRosiere21923.821.812.33JB Toullec (FR)


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