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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 11/22

November 2022
1WILLSBRO PERENNIAL ELAYA 4320Perennial x Mirand PP *RC x 1st GradeWilt Elaya23854.502.233.82Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
2CHORUSIC MOOVIN KOBA 5 ETMoovin *RC x Upgrade x SolomonChorusic Solomon Koba20163.961.852.59Chorusic Holsteins
3DG BONICA PMooi *RC x Haniko x UndeniedCol DG Brylin23683.901.602.89Diamond Genetics (NL)
4DGF MALNINGHaxl x Unstopabull x DocMadona Du Bois De Pins25843.881.353.24Drakkar Holsteins / DG France (FR)
5CHORUSIC MOOVIN KOBA 7Moovin *RC x Upgrade x SolomonChorusic Solomon Koba19923.871.442.49Chorusic Holsteins
6GOLLETTES CHOICE BELLAWOWFitters Choice x Mirand PP *RC x CrushCook-Farm Shottle Bella23123.851.903.20Swiss Owned
7WILLSBRO CHOICE AMBER 4277Fitters Choice x Milio x FitzRiverdane Shottle Amber23783.841.912.76Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
8DG BIANAHanans x Haniko x UndeniedCol DG Brylin27393.802.302.89Diamond Genetics (NL)
9WILLSBRO HANANS DOLLY 4328Hanans x Haniko x Delta B25Miss Lee Majestic27643.791.682.86Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
10DG BEHNAMHaxl x Haniko x UndeniedCol DG Brylin24793.771.423.12Diamond Genetics (NL)
11HODEU000542314826Picasso PP x Altitude Red x Avalanche *RCWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto22483.732.023.23German Owned
12BWN CAMOMILLA 2Hanans x Undenied x ArchrivalSilvermaple Damion Camomile23903.651.912.36BWN Holsteins (NL)
13CHORUSIC HANNANS MILI 10Hanans x MakerChorusic Maker Mili 725273.641.582.95Chorusic Holsteins
14JB TOULLEC ALXAA REDIllustrator P x Altitude-Red x Jordy-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red21143.642.003.05JB Toullec (FR)
15CHORUSIC MOOVIN KOBA 9 ETMoovin *RC x Upgrade x SolomonChorusic Solomon Koba19163.592.072.75Chorusic Holsteins
16WILLSBRO HANANS GALAXY-VRAY 4Hanans x Unix x AtwoodGalys-Vray24713.552.102.44Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
17TABBY-ETShowtime *RC x Altitude-Red x Director-RedStrans-Jen-D Tequila-Red22643.531.612.54Swiss Owned
18TAYLINADoral-Red x Altitude-Red x Director-RedStrans-Jen-D Tequila-Red22983.501.923.08German Owned
19BUDJON-VAIL LIMITED ANNINALimited P x Solomon x Absolute-RedMilksource Goldwn Africa20763.501.342.61Swiss Owned
20CIOLIFARM LAMBDA LITTLE 710Delta-Lambda x Crushtime x MeridianBryhill Rudoplh Lulu23633.491.063.06Italian Owned
21WILLSBRO BRYSON ANGEL 4331Bryson x King Doc x BywayKHW Regiment Apple-Red23663.441.142.41Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
22LISETTE-ET-EBelieve P x Tropic x UnixComestar Lamadona24133.431.442.88Swiss Owned
23TAKAMAHaxl x Tatoo x ArchrivalLovhill Goldwyn Katrysha21313.430.712.53France Owned
24WHINCHAT HAVE IT AL FARA 01-EHave it All x Stanleycup x ShottleGrantchester Blackstar Farrah23923.411.852.47Winchat Holsteins (UK)
25KAESER HULLABALOO BAISAHullabaloo x Chief x RandallTheiro Blackstar Belinda26273.360.222.58Swiss Owned


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