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USA | Top 25 NM$ females - 09/22

September 2022
1HOGBR706042106372Tennessee x Atrium x SpectreDes-Y-Gen Planet Silk29761246-0.46DeNovo (UK)
2HOGBR100751704710Aladdin x Heroic x SkywalkerGlamour Carlin307311941.05DeNovo (UK)
3HOGBR706042606370Tennessee x Atrium x SpectreDes-Y-Gen Planet Silk305611440.90DeNovo (UK)
4HOGBR582891318680Alonso x Atrium x SpectreDes-Y-Gen Planet Silk29471083-0.03UK Owned
5BG PLINKO E CARLIN B ETPikachu x Entity x PerseurGlamour Carlin293910700.40Boghill & Glamour (UK)
6HOGBR582924206915Memorial P x Entity x SpectreCoyne-Farms Freddi Jeven289010700.35UK Owned
7B GLAMOUR CAPTAIN SS CARCaptain x Crimson x VeronaGlamour Carlin303410501.41Boghill & Glamour (UK)
8HOGBR582456608601Laredo x AltaCabot x GuaranteePoly-Kow Rudolph Mink290210420.21UK Owned
9HOGBR582891318974Envy x Venture x MattersVantage-Pt Addison Bonni294010410.58UK Owned
10HUL-STEIN MINKEPrologue x Diesel x ImaxAnderstrup DG Calico290810351.17Hul-Stein
11COGENT B BUXTON TIA 2Upside x Twitch x RedrockPine-Tree Zenith Sheen298310311.44Cogent (UK)
12HOGBR582924206901Gardner x AltaCabot x GuaranteePoly-Kow Rudolph Mink296810301.06UK Owned
13BONETTI S.S. ROXANNEEfron x AltaRobert x AchieverKings-Ransom DB Digital286710280.14Bonetti Holsteins (IT)
14CLAXIVABrave x Soundcloud x ImaxKoepon Classy291310260.53Dykster Holsteins (NL)
15COGENT B BUXTON TIABuxton x Twitch x RedrockPine-Tree Zenith Sheen296610251.56Cogent (UK)
16HUL-STEIN MAGIC 1AltaWheelhouse x Gamechanger x ImaxAnderstrup DG Calico298610241.11Hul-Stein
17BELEC 8929Captain x AltaDateline x LegendaryRoylane Mark Carmen305510221.46France Owned
18BG WHEELHOUSE H CARLIN A ETAltaPlinko x Heroic x PerseusGlamour Carlin28901020-0.11Boghill & Glamour (UK)
19HOGBR582456208618Memorail P x Entity x SpectreCoyne-Farms Freddi Jeven283410190.09UK Owned
209902Captain x Achiever x JediVilma300110171.37Hungarian Owned
21HOGBR582924206600Tennessee x Rio x HondaPine-Tree Zenith Sheen285610140.22UK Owned
22HOGBR582891218945Laredo x Heroic x SkywalkerGlamour Carlin289810120.66UK Owned
23HOGBR582891318631Alladin x Entity x AchieverMrs Schultz Bwm Blain297010040.82UK Owned
24HODEU001406748186Massey x Maximus x MariusPine-Tree Zenith Sheen294010041.19German Owned
25HOGBR100751604751Rhapsody x Entity x SpectreCoyne-Farms Freddi Jeven286810020.56UK Owned


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