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USA - Top 25 GTPI Polled females 08/22

August 2022
1Hul-Stein Carina PMendel P x Charl x ModestyAnderstrup DG Calico301110900,89Hul-Stein (NL)
2Gen CastorStardancer x Charl x BourbonLarcrest Cosmopolitan29688461,73Colonia Cows (DE)
3Dg Babet PMonument P x Charl x FlagshipRainyridge Talent Barbara296411100,16Diamond Genetics (NL)
4Dg Ambree RCLambeau x Solitair P x RustyAlumette29639181,97Diamond Genetics (NL)
5Bg Ranger M Carlin A ETRanger-Red x Monument P x HurricaneGlamour Carlin29539281,82Boghill & Glamour (UK)
6Dgf BrianaLuster P x Imax x SilverSH Jocko Jen29467862,70Diamond Genetics France (FR)
7Hul-Stein Tjallina-PImmense P x Twitch x FrazzledAnderstrup DG Calico29399381,53Hul-Stein (NL)
8Dg PangeaMonument P x Charl x BourbonLarcrest Cosmopolitan293810570,53Diamond Genetics (NL)
9La Damae P-ETLuster P x Delta x SupersireWesswood-HC Rudy Missy29329381,65Swiss Owned
10HOGBR706042306360Mendel P x Kenobi x AchieverCoyne-Farms Ramos Jelly292510270,92DeNovo (UK)
11BroomhouseMendel P x Esquire x ApplejaxBroomhouse Valarie Norma29229061,32Broomhouse Holsteins (UK)
12La Prairie Conway ConwayConway x Hotspot P x ClassicLarcrest Cosmopolitan29218401,41La Prairie Holsteins (CH)
13Dg HeloiseCaptain x Charl x Answer PWilder Herz P29179211,75Diamond Genetics (NL)
14Dg PolarisCaptain x Rubicon x FlagshipLm Dkr Ivy29148351,84Diamond Genetics (NL)
15Dg PleioneCaptain x Rubicon x FlagshipLm Dkr Ivy29148351,84Diamond Genetics (NL)
16HOGBR582891618893Memorial P x Entity x SpectreCoyne-Farms Freddi Jeven290810500,39DeNovo (UK)
17Dg HiraCaptain x Hotspot P Answer PWilder Herz P29078841,58Diamond Genetics (NL)
18HuddlestonebravenoraMendel P x AltaRobert x SolarisHuddlestone Boss Iron Noel289610320,25Huddlestone Holsteins (NL)
19Redhouse 2416 Renegade IdaRenegade x Luster P x FrazzledRedhouse 480 Igale Masc Ida28897971,61Redhouse Holsteins (UK)
20Col PamStar P x Nacash x GymnastLarcrest Cosmopolitan28868670,89Colonia Cows (DE)
21Bg Wheelhouse M Carlin A 2 ETAltaPlinko x Monument P x HurricaneGlamour Carlin28838581,48Boghill & Glamour (UK)
22HOGBR582456708217Mendel P x Sanjay x YoderWesswood-HC Rudy Missy28811037-0,06DeNovo (UK)
23HaileyRapid x Imax x Powerball PWilder Herz P28808121,99German Owned
24Mhd 14184Twitch x Simplicity P *RC x Anser PKNS Fantastic P *RC28808891,36German Owned
253star Oh Augustus OgustaAugustus P-Red x Kenobi x GraniteK&L OH Mabel28757901,89Swiss Owned
26PepiteLuster P x Gatedancer x RubiconBomaz Dagat D Pizza28738531,94France Owned


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