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USA - Top 10 >2600 GTPI and >3.00 PTAT 08/22

August 2022
1Eba SidoniPairing x Aristocrat x SillianEBA Netty29577613,332,771,04EBA Holsteins (FR)
2Cristella KissHanans x Pursuit x Sound SystemDiepenhoek Rozelle29257473,232,72,16Cristella Holsteins (IT)
3DG SigiHanans x Charl x ImaxBel Iron Irene29176723,842,362,29Diamond Genetics (NL)
4Willsbro King Doc Rozelle 3214Doc x Jones x Sound SystemDiepenhoek Rozelle29147393,031,482,12Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
5Willsbro King Doc Amber 3139Doc x Delta-Lambda x GraniteMD-Delight Durham Atlee29137523,122,821,85Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
6Willsbro Hanans Adina 3509Hanans x Delta-Lambda x CommanderKHW Goldwyn Aiko29127763,072,631,74Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
7Willsbro Have It All Pammy 34Have It All x Delta-Lambda x MontanaWindy-Knoll-View Pammy29068043,062,421,61Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
8Willsbro Lambda Rozelle 3831Delta-Lambda x Mitchell x MontereyDiepenhoek Rozelle29037063,022,731,01Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
9Willsbro Have It All Adina 33Have it All x Rapid x VerifyKHW Goldwyn Aiko28936663,862,91,53Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
10Willsbro Hanans Adina 3355Hanans x Chief x VerifyKHW Goldwyn Aiko28716673,372,672,04Willsbro Holsteins (UK)


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