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USA | Top 25 PTAT Cows (>2 years) - 04/21

April 2021
1GEN BRESTKing Doc x Crush x MogulOh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan26473.63555Genesland (DE)
2NH DOC FUNKing Doc x Monterey x AltaOakRalma Juror Faith26953.591701Diamond Genetics France (FR)
3CCC-HU EMILIO-CREMONA (2)Emilio x Beemer x AtwoodFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona18653.57-838Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
4CHANET-ET-ETKing Doc x High Octane x Numero UnoEdg Claire Cling25133.561165A. Genoud & A. Moret (CH)
5DG HULLCRESTEmilio x McCutchen x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adele19433.55135Hullcrest Holsteins & Diamond Genetics (NL)
6ARGH FUDGEDelight x Beemer x DeltaHPH Shottle Malmo17983.52-61C. Worm (DK)
7EBA OLIVIAKing Doc x AltaSuperstar x KingboyEBA Heazy26923.51696GAEC Brilland / EBA Holsteins (FR)
8ALL CAST CRUSHTIME FANCYCrushtime x Solomon x BrokawAll Cast Laremee Samba19603.48633All Cast Holsteins (IT)
9MS KD DASSANIKing Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red21803.45521German Owned
10K&L SCHUIT ANNAKing Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara22393.441136Schuit Holsteins & GenHotel (NL)
11NH ARTIST BARBADOSArtist x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara19233.42-262Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
12HODEU000954026499King Doc x Silver x AtwoodFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona25913.411541German Owned
13HOFRA006771334133King Doc x Archrival x GoldwynBrabantdale Triumphant Spooky23493.41649Schwartz Holsteins (FR)
14ANDRIETTA K DOC 7939King Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara24003.40716Gebr. Hindeloopen (NL)
15ANDRIETTA K DOC 7940King Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara24003.40716Gebr. Hindeloopen (NL)
16GEL 4107 EMILIO SARAHEmilio x Commander x McCutchenGel McCutchen 79220753.38457Spanish Owned
17NH DOC BLIND-DATEKing Doc x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara22293.381096Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
18ADALADE 2King Doc x Ladd P-Red x Talent *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red25183.36311K. Tanis & Zonen (NL)
19AK ELSE 781King Doc x Brady x DoormanCarf Emeraude25233.351089German Owned
20GPH ARTIST GAJAArtist x Beemer x AtwoodGalys-Vray18913.35-158P. Arnold (LUX)
21K&L KD WANDAKing Doc x Solomon x BrokawVision-Gen Snz Whip-A77023793.33-47GenHotel (NL)
22OLZA AL MILLENNIUM LA HABANAMillennium x Meridian x AtwoodDelaberge Durham Lucille21453.321521Italian Owned
23FLORA EMILIO ADRETAEmilio x Beemer x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adeena17643.3249Flora Holsteins (ESP)
24POSAL DOC MELBAKing Doc x Snowy x ShottlePosal Marion Melba24373.32908Posal Farms (IT)
25LB ALICE RCJordy-Red x Doorman x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red18043.31-1152K. Leus (BE)


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