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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 02/21

February 2021
1HONLD000618896288Moovin *RC x King Doc x Ladd P-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23664.192.722.87Firma K. Tanis en Zonen (NL)
2WILLSBRO MITCHELL DOLLY 126Milio x Fitz x AtwoodRiverdane Shottle Amber22063.711.332.57Willsbro (UK)
3DG CECILIAMoovin *RC x King Doc x DoormanLarcrest Cordial23013.632.112.59Diamond Genetics (NL)
4LAKESIDE UPS 3STAR LOTTOAdmiral x King Doc x AtwoodLottos Atwood Lizette22493.511.102.67Upstream Holsteins & GenHotel (NL)
53STAR CONCHITAThunder Storm x King Doc x BywayLarcrest Cordial20963.491.162.39GenHotel (NL)
6CUNDINS ANYA MOOVIN ETMoovin *RC x Solomon x AtwoodShottle Anya20763.481.832.45A. Cundins (ESP)
7WILLSBRO SIDEKICK FRIDASidekick x Undenied x BeemerHPH Shottle Malmo21913.441.212.20Willsbro (UK)
8NH 72076-REDMoovin *RC x Jordy x DoormanFortdale Doorman Alyna20753.442.502.69Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
9JK EDER DG EYECATCHERThunder Storm x Byway x DoormanJK Eder DG Byway Eliza20533.410.702.62JK Eder Holsteins & Diamond Genetics (NL)
10GENOSOURCE ALTITUDE CALANDAAltitude-Red x Brash x AtwoodMs Candy Apple-Red21273.381.522.64Genosource (CH)
11GENOSOURCE ALTITUDE CALIMERAAltitude-Red x Brash x AtwoodMs Candy Apple-Red21653.361.311.98Genosource (CH)
12HOESP000905221081Moovin *RC x Callen x AtwoodJK DG Esmeralda20823.321.792.75Spanish Owned
13HODNK005176305281Upgrade x King Doc x AtwoodOur-Favorite Lustre22783.312.092.01SHG-Breeding (DK)
14BALAZEIRO UNDENIED 1849Undenied x Jacoby x ArchrivalBVK Atwood Arianna20353.280.421.50Balazeiro Holsteins (PRT)
15BALAZEIRO UNDENIED 1848Undenied x Jacoby x ArchrivalBVK Atwood Arianna20353.280.421.50Balazeiro Holsteins (PRT)
16VIG ELANAMoovin *RC x Undenied x AtwoodBudjon-JK Emilys Edair19903.251.632.52J. Vienna (DE)
17DG CAYENNEMoovin *RC x King Doc x DoormanLarcrest Cordial23853.222.142.56Diamond Genetics (NL)
18EXLOER WHITNEYMaster x King Doc x SolomonVision-Gen Snz Whip-A77021773.221.172.16Excloër Holsteins (NL)
19DGF FANTAMirand PP *RC x King Doc x MontereyMonterey Faitfun25953.181.562.72Diamond Genetics France (FR)
20CUNDINS ANISSA MOOVIN ETMoovin *RC x Solomon x AtwoodShottle Anya18823.161.261.85A. Cundins (ESP)
21JB TOULLEC RUSSIE PMirand PP *Rc x Denver x MillenniumJB Toullec Hot Cherry22383.141.462.22GAEC Toullec (FR)
22HONLD000928670093King Doc x Undenied x JediGiessen Charity 5124143.091.401.97R. Neppelenbroek (NL)
23KATAL KANDIE SIDEKICKSidekick x Ammo P *RC x BeemerLuck-E Advent Kandie-Red20973.051.142.32Katal Holsteins (UK)
24RIVERDANE KD AMBERKing Doc x Atwood x SidRiverdane Shottle Amber23383.041.441.47Riverdane Holsteins (UK)
25HOESP010905232909Sidekick x Emilio x PulsarWillsbro Emilyann23023.041.172.45Ponderosa Holsteins (ESP)


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