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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 05/21

May 2021
1GIESSEN CECIBELL 18Moovin *RC x Jordy-Red x Durango *RCGiessen Cecibell 1020583.782.332.78Giessen Holsteins (NL)
2BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 37Moovin *RC x Undenied x DoormanCarf Emeraude20433.631.852.36Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
3BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 26Moovin *RC x Undenied x DoormanCarf Emeraude21603.622.022.36Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
43STSR MV WISHMoovin *RC x King Doc x SolomonVision-Gen Snz Whip-A77021773.621.452.42GenHotel (NL)
5BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 31Moovin *RC x Undenied x DoormanCarf Emeraude21003.622.162.54Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
6BABIMoovin *RC x Crush x BeemerSilvermaple Damion Camomile21073.612.282.65PRT Owned
7GIESSEN GORGEOUS 52Moovin *RC x Hotline x CharitymanNippon Gorgeous22793.581.622.52Giessen Holsteins (NL)
8BUITENEIND 3STAR WISH 1Moovin *RC x King Doc x SolomonVision-Gen Snz Whip-A77021693.572.003.03Buiteneind Holsteins & GenHotel (NL)
9BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 38Master x Undenied x DoormanCarf Emeraude20143.470.891.83Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
10WILLSBRO KING DOC PAMMY 494King Doc x Denver x AbbottWillsbro Niagra Pammy26023.461.312.17Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
11BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 36Admiral x King Doc x DoormanCarf Emeraude24193.460.991.95Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
12WILLSBRO KING DOC ROXY 439King Doc x Denver x AbbottWillsbro Niagra Pammy27233.441.853.02Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
13AM AURORAMirand PP *RC x King Doc x BywayKHW Regiment Apple-Red23313.441.042.57A. Middelkampf (DE)
14TB WELL DONE-ETAltitude-Red x Avalanche *RC x DoormanOur-Favorite Unlimited21793.441.802.61Texel Beauty Holsteins (NL)
15ROSE DE LA FRIANDERIESidekick x Unix x DoormanComestar Lautama Goldwyn23853.431.222.86Belgium Owned
16HODEU000124254849Admiral x King Doc x NovoHODEU00012343548524323.421.342.20German Owned
17SABBIONA 79Barolo x Undenied x BywaySabbiona Minny22893.390.922.47Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
183STAR AD CIRACHAAdmiral x King Doc x BywayLarcrest Cordial22683.371.311.58GenHotel (NL)
19HOESP041113360607King Doc x Durham x AtwoodLylehaven Atwood Lilly23003.362.052.94Spanish Owned
20CIAVATTA IRIS ETSelect x King Doc x JacobyToc-Farm Jacoby Isa23923.351.362.25Italian Owned
21CHORUSIC MOOVIN LUCILLE 41 ETMoovin *RC x Golden Dreams x ExplodeDelaberge Durham Lucille20463.351.942.54Chorusic Holsteins (CZE)
22GIESSEN CECIBELL 17Moovin *RC x Jordy-Red x Durango *RCGiessen Cecibell 1019043.352.382.78Giessen Holsteins (NL)
23HUL-STEIN DG BEEMSTARKing Doc x Solomon x BrokawVision-Gen Snz Whip-A77022273.321.752.45Diamond Genetics & Hul-Stein (NL)
24LB MOOVIN 3G VIOLETAMoovin *RC x Undenied x BeemerLB Beemer 25521883.311.711.72PRT Owned
25CIAVATTA IMMA ETSelect x King Doc x JacobyToc-Farm Jacoby Isa23863.301.422.36Italian Owned


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