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USA | Top 25 NM$ females - 05/20

May 2020
1HUL-STEIN SWEET BREEZERBreezer x Flagship x RubiconJK Eder DG Sweet29328880.18Hul-Stein (NL)
2HOGBR949027114724Heroic x Perseus x SupershotLarcrest Carlin29258300.36Denovo (UK)
3MILKMEN 3316781234Solution x Jedi x DenverVilma's28958230.75Milkmen (HUN)
4HUL-STEIN SWEET BOUDIENBreezer x Flagship x RubiconJK Eder DG Sweet28168050.11Hul-Stein (NL)
5DG DV CECILIACharl x Eldorado x JosuperDG Caley28767841.03De Volmer Holsteins & Diamond Genetics (NL)
6HUL-STEIN SWEET BREESHIABreezer x Flagship x RubiconJK Eder DG Sweet2762774-0.06Hul-Stein (NL)
7GEN BLAKENacash x Mixer x DeltaCalbrett Supersire Barb28987701.25Genesland (DE)
8HONLD000642468244Charl x Frazzled x MontrossWoodcrest Num Uno Frenzi28787700.96SJK Holsteins (NL)
9DROUNER 3STAR CLARYCrimson x Imax x SilverKoepon Mano Classy 9028777641.29Drouner Holsteins (NL)
10HOITA028990449610Solution x Imax x RubiconRiverdown V Snowman Delicate28087621.04Italian Owned
11KES RIVETI ETRiveting x Medley x DeltaBomaz Delta 679828327600.66German Owned
12HONLD000657973498Solution x Morris x ProfitAija Supersire Makea28737561.01Dutch Owned
13MB 01016Solution x Benz x RubiconSHA Grumeti28707480.99German Owned
14HOGBR949027114617Crosby x Achiever x SupershotLarcrest Carlin27647480.41Denovo (UK)
15HONLD000632368282Aristocrat x King Royal x DeltaCookiecutter Ssire Have28887461.67SJK Holsteins (NL)
16MB 00456Timberlake x Gatedancer x CommanderSeagull-Bay Ssire Daphne28357460.91German Owned
17ROYALESolution x Van Halen x JosuperLemon28257460.91French Owned
18TIRSVAD CHARL GALATHEA-ETCharl x Sniper x SilverTirsvad Silver Giga-Star28317320.71Tirsvad Holsteins (DK)
19WEH 22734Eisaku x Frazzled x BalistoFarnear-TBR Bailey28507300.94WEH Holsteins (DE)
20REANNE0824Pursuit x Marius x DeltaCo-Op Moonboy Rescue28767281.20Hungarian Owned
21LAMETTAAztec x Pinnacle x JediTiger-Lily Uno Leah28107260.70LUX Owned
22GEN MILOUNacash x Frazzled x ShepNH HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe28077170.98Genesland (DE)
23REBA0783Pursuit x Guarantee x DeltaCo-Op Moonboy Rescue27897150.32Hungarian Owned
243STAR OH MARVELOUSNacash x Granite x RubiconMaybelline Tual28807141.86GenHotel & de Oosterhof Holsteins (NL)
25DG DGF PAIGECharl x Blowtorch x BrodieWoodcrest Mogul Pretty27737140.70Diamond Genetics France (FR)


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