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Budjon LB Crush Anita

(Crush x Dundee x Talent *RC)

Crush daughter of Walk-Era Dundee Annelise EX-95!!


La Brasserie Holstein
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October 9, 2019


  • BIG TIME show heifer: Crush x Walk-Era Dundee Annelise EX-95-USA - Grand Junior Show WDE 2017
  • Maternal sister to Budjon-Abbott Avl Anitta-ET - Junior Champion Maryland State Fair 2019
  • Dam was Grand & Senior Champion Junior Holstein Show, World Dairy Expo 2017
  • Maternal sister to Budjon-Abbott Alexandra - 1st @ WDE '18 & All-American Winter Yearling '18
  • SHOW sire stack: Crush x EX-95 Dundee x EX-91 Talent *RC x EX-91 Outside
  • Maternal sister to Budjon-Abbott DR Addidas-ET - Res. All-American Winter Calf 2017
  • Maternal sister to Budjon-Abbott Autmoatic-ET - Jr. All-American Winter Calf 2017
  • Backed by 8 generations VG- or EXCELLENT dams!!


Maverick CRUSH
Walk-Era Dundee Annelise EX-95-USA
1-11 2x 301d 8.841kgM 3.4% 305F 3.4% 300P
2-11 2x 365d 16.035kgM 3.3% 528F 3.4% 543P
4-08 2x 365d 18.229kgM 3.3% 615F 3.2% 577P
  • Grand & Senior Champion International Junior Holstein Show, World Dairy Expo 2017
  • Junior All-American 5-Yr Old Cow 2017, Nominated All-Canadian & All-American Jr. 3-Yr Old '15,
  • Nominated All-Canadian & All-American Jr. 2-Yr Old 2014
  • 4th Junior 3-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2015, 3rd Junior 2-Yr Old World Dairy Expo & Royal 2014
Regancrest Dundee-ET
Walk-Era Talent Augusta-ET EX-91-USA 2E *TL *TD
1-11 2x 365d 11.108kgM 4.0% 444F 3.6% 397P
3-02 2x 365d 12.383kgM 3.9% 481F 3.5% 440P
4-04 2x 306d 11.970kgM 3.7% 445F 3.6% 426P
5-04 2x 365d 14.932kgM 4.3% 636F 3.4% 1170
Ladino Park TALENT
Liessels Outside Allie EX-91-USA
4-03 2x 365d 14.356kgM 4.7% 669F 3.5% 501P

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